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Book of Sayings

An old man's reflections and lessons learned for his children's children


I’ve been collecting famous, and not so famous, quotations since I was a teenager. Some are short pithy sayings, often axiomatic in nature, while others are more provocative and, at times, humorous. This book contains my reflections on those sayings and gives accounts of how they sometimes intersected with my life and taught me things. Ultimately, I hope my essays have some valuable lessons for young adults…including, of course, my children and their children.


Bobby d's Locavore's Digest

Thinking globally, eating and drinking locally


This collection of stories reflect my experiences as an avid locavore. Over the years, as I’ve traveled through my region, or abroad, I’ve always made a point of visiting interesting local food and beverage producers. For me, they are rock stars.

My Locavore's manifesto has 4 basic rules: 1. Wherever you are, consume locally crafted foods and beverages; 2. Learn the stories of these farmers and producers, and share with others; 3. Travel lightly and buy carbon offsets for all your travels; and, 4. Enjoy the bounty of the planet and help to preserve it.

(Note: These stories are done with the technical advice and expertise of Louise McMullen.)



Stories from the world of wines, including my recommendations


My first memory of drinking wine was at my parents dining room table when I was barely a teenager. The meal was roast beef. The wine was red Bordeaux. The memory stuck. After my college years of consuming lots of beer and cheap wine I somehow developed a palette for fine wine. At university, I took a wine course, acted as a teaching assistant for that course, and eventually taught the same course. Since then I’ve visited many wineries, talked to experts and traveled to many of the world’s best wine regions. For me, wine is a healthy drink which is more than an accompaniment to a meal…it is an integral part of a meal…and my life.